Cruising through the local lumber yards, I sometimes find that ugly, rough, unassuming stick that was tossed aside for the junk pile only to be run through my surface planer to reveal its hidden beauty. Hopefully, I honored the life of this redwood tree.

Curly is a 5’ 11” x 22” x 3” hollow wood surfboard with no image-specific art because, as you can see, this wood grain has no problem speaking for itself once planed, sanded, fiberglassed, and polished to a high-gloss shine. The pictures don’t do justice to the depth of this curly redwood.

I strip-built this surfboard with mostly curly redwood on the deck, paulownia on the bottom, and wenge for the dark pin lines. I also had some fun with the tail block. There’s a bunch of different species of wood in this tail block including wenge, walnut, paulownia, balsa, and whatever else I found laying around on the shop floor.