A Surfboard for Sammy

It all started when my best friend, Sam, who was caring for his wife battling brain cancer, decided to look into a surfboard building project we could work on together in his garage – keeping him close to home.

Unfortunately, it wasn’t long after that Sam was diagnosed with A.L.S. (Lou Gehrig’s Disease).

Sam and his wife, Linda, passed away within a few months.

I finished the longboard project in honor of Sam. From start to finish, this board took about one year to complete.

Sam is still a part of every board I make, spiritually and physically. Physically because I glue one of Sam’s pennies to the inside of the frame. He was an avid coin collector. After his passing, I ended up with several coffee cans full of pennies.

The name of the piece, “Find Your Joy,” was a common Sammy-saying.