Featuring Artwork Depicting an Orca Mom and Calf


Specs: 7’ 10” x 19-1/2” x 2-3/4”

Shape: Pintail Gun Shaped Surfboard with a Single Fin

Material: Wood. Including figured walnut, alder, figured maple, poplar, pine, spruce, light redwood, dark redwood, flame redwood, and Japanese maple gifted to me from a friend who recently passed away.

Finish: Epoxy sanded to a semi-gloss shine

Display Orientation – Deck: Horizontal

Display Orientation – Bottom: Horizontal or Vertical

Price and Availability: For Sale. Contact the artist for pricing.

Handcrafted entirely from wood (no paint – no stain) using the strip-build technique, surfboard artist Michael Rumsey used ten different species of lumber to create this piece with artwork depicting two Orca killer whales (mom and calf) swimming freely through the ocean.

A word from the artist on the inspiration behind this piece:

This surfboard was built with my late friend and wood turner extraordinaire, Dale, in mind. I’m grateful I was able to incorporate some Japanese maple wood scraps from his workshop into this piece. The Orca motif also pays homage to the place in which Dale worked and lived near Hoodsport, WA. Hoodsport is located along the Hood Canal, technically a fjord, north of Olympia, WA. Killer whales, often in multi-generational pods led by mothers and grandmothers, are occasionally spotted breaching, swimming, and feeding in the Hood Canal. As a surfer, when I dip my head under the ocean waves, there is a freedom to the liquid world that engulfs me with its flow over my body. To me, the ocean is home. The ocean is freedom. And freedom is what I hope Dale has now.