Wood Grain Gone Wild!

7’ 2” x 21” x 3” Speed Fish Shape Hollow Wood Surfboard

Made with: Cocobolo, Paulownia, Wenge, and Figured Maple

This was fun! Not only did I get to experiment with an exotic wood species called cocobolo, I also enjoyed the company of my grandson, Gabe, during the beginning stages of the build. He was visiting during his summer break, but had to leave before the project was finished. So, I wrapped it up on his behalf. He chose the shape he wanted in a surfboard and then handcrafted this beauty as a low rocker rocket ship with a quad fin set up. I’m a proud grandpa. I hope he can spend the entire summer here with me next year. Making sawdust. Making memories. I named this piece, Gabe’s First.

Contact: Michael Rumsey