A hollow wood surfboard handcrafted using paulownia, figured walnut, curly redwood, curly maple, mahogany, and old-growth redwood reclaimed from dismantled wine tanks which were in use at a California winery back in the 1920’s.

This is a finless Fish shape surfboard handcrafted using the strip-build technique and my own system of steam, clamps, glue, straps, hand tools, and power tools.

Because this piece is finless, it will lay flat against a wall – if you are looking for wood wall art – fine art – surf art. The piece also looks great displayed in a vertical floor stand.

The deck of the surfboard showcases the book-matched walnut delta surrounded by the reclaimed wine-stained redwood.

On the bottom of this piece, I created a series of stylized breaking waves using thin strips of wood from several different species. I also inlaid a generous amount of turquoise stone in the tail-block.

I finished the piece with a clear hybrid polyurethane satin finish which really made the colors pop.

I never use paint or tinted stain on my wood art. There’s no reason to! Look at the natural beauty of this wood!!

During the build process and initial sanding, a faint aroma of red wine was occasionally released from deep within the grain. Each time, my thoughts turned to the lumbermen and winemakers of the past. I wondered who may have played a part in the history of this unique art piece; from forest to lumber mill – from winery to me – and now to you.

I’m grateful for the opportunity to work with this reclaimed lumber. I hope I’m honoring the life of this old-growth redwood tree with my art.

It measures 6’ 2” x 22-½” x 3.”

tommy bahama wood surfboards

The pictures can’t convey the depth and beauty of the old growth redwood used to create this wood surfboard.

Example of large redwood wine tanks used in the past at many California wineries.