A Hollow Wood Surfboard for Art or Sport


Specs: 5’ 10” 19-¾” x 2-¾” with Glassed-On Twin Fins
Shape: Diamond Tail Rocket
Finish: Traditional Polyester Resin Polished to a High Gloss Shine
Display Orientation: Horizontal or Vertical

Available now. Titled Healing, this elaborate hollow wood surfboard was handcrafted using the strip-build technique from a variety of wood species including redwood, basswood, paulownia, teak, poplar, and flamed redwood.

Check it out at Bird’s Surf Shed, as the pictures don’t do justice to the fiery insert of flame redwood seems to glow from within when placed in the right light.

A hollow wood surfboard handcrafted using the strip-build technique and a variety of different lumber species.