As an artist, I find inspiration from many different sources and experiences. This hollow wood surfboard came to mind while I was on a fishing trip in Baja California with my brother, John.

We were sitting at the bar, under a palapa with a palm-frond thatched roof, drinking beers, talking fish stories, and watching the full moon rise. My brother laughed when I made a mad dash back to our hotel room to grab my sketch pad as inspiration struck and I had to sketch some ideas before I forgot them.

I used mostly redwood and poplar on the deck of the board. While on the bottom of the board, in order from center are the following species of wood: pine, redwood, alder, padauk, poplar, wenge, white cedar, and the abstract wavy pin lines are made from wenge.

This board measures 6’ 5″ x 21-⅝” x 3″