Handcrafted with over two hundred individual strips of wood from several species including paulownia, poplar, birch, wenge, walnut, padauk, and more. A labor of love, in many ways.

While searching for a name for this board, Peter St. Pierre from Moonlight Glassing suggested “Cosmic Blanket.”

Hmmm. I thought that it might be a little out there, but I kept coming back to it.

I was also reflecting upon the recent passing of two of our cherished surfer-family friends

The first was 61-year old Kenny Mann. He was found in the sand on Friday morning Oct 30th with his broken board still attached to him. Kenny was known to love his moonlight sessions. He had been in the surfboard building business all of his life; a master sander. We may never know what happened, for sure, but we do know he died doing what he loved.

The surfing world’s next loss was four days later, Joy Froding, 57-yrs old. She was surfing and chatting with other surfers about what she referred to as one of the best rides she’d ever caught, but then complained of chest pains. The other surfers were able to transport her to the beach and immediately start CPR, but to no avail. Joy, a Cardiff resident, was a jewelry designer, painter and sculptor. She was exactly as her name described.

I hope this “Cosmic Blanket” helps to cover you both, Kenny and Joy, with comfort and safety throughout your next journey.

Thanks, Peter, for opening my mind.

This board measures 7’ 6” x 21-½” x 3”