From the moment I met this couple in my booth at The International Boardroom Show, I knew they were ‘a team.’

I spent a few minutes chatting with them and looking at their pictures of dogs, beach breaks, sunsets, etc. as they swiped through pictures on their smartphones.

They wanted to show me the special place along Sunset Cliffs where they most enjoyed walking their dogs, and asked if I could recreate an ocean scene with a particular surfbreak.

We exchanged contact information and within a week they called to ask if I would consider doing a commissioned piece to display in their lovely Ocean Beach home.

The project progressed from pencil sketches to photographs of each stage of the build process, and even a few days spent hanging-out with me while I worked on a different project (here is the story behind the building of Hydrotherapy). Throughout this time, we became friends.

As the surfboard was nearing completion, I was humbled when they asked me to name the piece.

I understood the special bond they shared with their dogs, and how much they treasured their daily walks down Adair Street and along Sunset Cliffs.

“Family Walk” seemed to be a perfect fit.