As an artist, I draw inspiration from many sources.

Occasionally, the wood dictates what I am to create.

This piece, titled hydrotherapy, was one of those occasions.

I handcrafted this wood surfboard from a twisted and discarded stick of redwood that I found in the cull pile at a local lumberyard.

There is no image specific art on this piece because, as you can see, sometimes the wood needs to speak for itself. The depth and texture of the grain really popped once this board was glassed. I was able to use most of the rescued redwood, plus I added wenge and walnut for the dark lines.

As with all of my surfboard art, this is a hollow wood surfboard strip-built over a wood frame.

It measures 7’ x 18″ x 3″

Click here to read an essay by Nicole Boramanand discussing craftsmanship and the story behind Hydrotherapy.