Wait for it…

My hollow wood surfboards are built over wooden frames. I use the strip-build technique along with my own system of steam, clamps, glue, straps, power tools, and hand tools to achieve the desired shapes and designs.

This is a Hollow Wooden Pintail Thruster shape surfboard measuring 7’ 10” x 23” x 3”

The design on this surfboard depicts a sunset over the ocean at the moment after a Green Flash – with a single breaking wave in the foreground. A Green Flash is a rare optical phenomenon. I’ve been surfing for over 50-years, ever since I was eleven years old, and I’ve personally witnessed a Green Flash only a few times.

I used light and dark redwood, teak, cedar, pine, mahogany and poplar on this piece. The green and purple hues are from the poplar. I never use paint or tinted stain on my wood surfboards. Although, I have been known to occasionally use the kitchen oven to steam or cook wood to get what I’m after. Ha! I sure lucked-out by marrying a gal from the lumber industry who loves the aroma fresh-baked boards as much as I do.

Green Flash was shipped across the country, from San Diego to Georgia, where it lives in a very special home.