Designed for Décor and Shaped to Ride


Specs: 7’ 6” x 19”

Shape: Gun-shaped surfboard with a tri-fin setup.

Material: Wood. Including redwood, walnut, wenge, figured maple, sycamore, basswood, maple, and the full moon is made of poplar.

Finish: Traditional polyester resin. Polished to a high gloss shine.

Display Orientation – Bottom with fins: Horizontal.

Display Orientation – Deck: Horizontal or Vertical.

Price and Availability: For Sale. Contact the artist for pricing

This piece was named in reference to the artwork on the bottom of the surfboard; a stylized full moon – at moonset during sunrise. The name of the piece, Hoku ili (“stranded moon” or “grounded moon”) was inspired by one of my Hawaiian collectors. She shared a personal story about her favorite song by the Makaha Sons, Ke Alaula (the dawning) associated with a special memory of her father. She later showed me the picture of her smiling father enjoying a full moon setting as the sun was rising – the dawning of a new day on the Hawaiian island of Oahu. Hoku means the second night of the full moon. And it seemed to be the perfect fit for this surfboard art.