Original Fine Art in Wood


Specs: 8’ 4-½” x 21”

Shape: Swallowtail Gun Shaped Finless Surfboard

Material: Wood. Including dark redwood, walnut, mahogany, pine, alder and red wine permeated old-growth redwood reclaimed from dismantled wooden wine tanks.

Finish: Epoxy polished to a satin shine

Display Orientation – Deck: Horizontal

Display Orientation – Bottom: Horizontal or Vertical

Price and Availability: For Sale. Contact the artist for pricing

Surfboard artist Michael Rumsey has woven together hundred of strips of wood to create a stylized breaking wave on a hollow wood surfboard. This piece will definitely add some wow to your walls.

The artist handcrafts his works entirely from wood – no paint, no stain – as the naturally occurring colors and grain patterns provide an array of depth, texture, and motion. Finished to a satin sheen, one can truly appreciate the vibrant colors of several different wood species, including reclaimed redwood from a century-old wooden wine tank.

This piece can grace the waves as well as the walls of your home or office because it is classified as functional fine art.

And with a design reminiscent of the turbulent flow of ocean waves breaking near the shoreline, Shorebreak seemed to be a perfect name for this piece.