Get Your Toes on the Nose and Look Good Getting There


Specs: 9’ 9” x 24” x 3-1/4”

Shape: Classic Noserider Longboard

Material: Wood. Including redwood, paulownia, basswood, and some really cool figured redwood, too.

Finish: Epoxy sanded to a semi-gloss shine

Display Orientation – Deck Horizontal or Vertical (includes a manual vent)

Display Orientation – Bottom: Horizontal (includes a fin box)

Price and Availability: For Sale. Contact the artist for pricing

A traditional single-fin longboard noserider built using the strip-build technique which entails placing long thin strips of wood over top of a hollow wood surfboard frame; one strip at a time.

As with all of Michael’s surfboards, his new Noserider is meticulously shaped to enjoy the waves because he’s a surfer, waterman, and shaper first – an artist second.

This longboard also sports the correct concave under the nose to provide lift, and plenty of rocker along with a fin box to help anchor the tail. It all adds up to good clean fun for the rider of this nearly ten-foot beauty.