Handcrafted with Walnut, Maple, Alder, and Mystery Wood


Specs: 7’ 7” x 19” x 2-3/4”

Shape: Pintail Gun. Finless.

Material: Wood. Including redwood, mahogany, alder, figured maple, walnut, birch, poplar and some very special mystery wood (see below).

Finish: Epoxy finish sanded to a semi-gloss shine

Display Orientation – Deck: Horizontal

Display Orientation – Bottom: Horizontal or Vertical

Price and Availability: For Sale. Contact the artist for pricing.

This work is a finless pintail gun shaped surfboard with artwork depicting a stylized breaking wave in the foreground as the sun sinks below the horizon in the background.

This piece was handcrafted entirely from wood. No paint. No stain. The artist takes his time looking the most interesting lumber he can find from a variety of sources. And, on occasion, he receives exotic or otherwise very special pieces of wood from friends and family members. This is the case with wood in this surfboard. However, Mike has no idea what type of wood it is. That’s the story behind the “very special mystery wood” note in the materials section above.

The mystery wood came from the workshop of wood turner extraordinaire, Dale Zimmerman, from the Hoodsport area of Washington. Unfortunately, Dale passed away last year. Incorporating the mystery wood from Dale’s woodshop is one way Michael hopes to honor Dale’s life as a fellow wood lover. Dale was one of the good guys. He is missed.

A word from the artist:

As a surfer, at the end of a surfing session, I’m always looking for that “Last Wave” to take me back in to shore. The final ride for the day as the sun is setting and my body is tired, but I’m calm and satisfied on the inside. Leaving the ocean and stepping onto shore can often feel like reentry, of sorts; reentry into the world of responsibilities, traffic, and chaos. So, it makes that last wave all the more important and worth the wait.

Enjoy the ride. One never knows when it may be more than the last wave of only the day.

I wonder when I will return.