8’ 8” x 20-¾” x 3”
Koa, Paulownia, Poplar, and Maple.
Hollow Wood Gun with a Tri-Fin Set-up

No, not the Darwinian-sort of evolution. This piece came about as the logical next step, or evolution of design, after the overwhelming – and humbling – amount of positive feedback, awards, and industry-wide love for the recently completed monster longboard experiment, named Viking.

Unlike Viking, however, with which I allowed the wood to drive the direction, this piece came about with intention. I used many of the same wood species (koa, paulownia, poplar, maple, and redwood) and similar bending, sanding, and shaping techniques that I used when I built Viking, but the good news is this board is 8’ 8” long rather than the nearly 11-foot-long Viking.

As an artist, I am continually experimenting with unbridled creativity balanced against the reality of creating art which people can – and will – display in their home or office.

And I’m lucky to have the space to experiment, the opportunity to fail, and the ability to succeed; to evolve.