Dimensions: 8’ 2” x 22-½” x 3-¼” No Fins
Hollow Wood Surfboard made primarily from reclaimed old-growth redwood, maple, paulownia, and redwood.

This wood! This straight-grain, old-growth redwood which was reclaimed from dismantled wine tanks used in the 1920’s – is nothing short of extraordinary. I love working with this wood. And I hope I’m honoring the life of this old redwood tree with my art.

This piece, named Tanked, is a fin-less beauty which will lay flat against the wall should you choose to hang this board. Both the deck and the bottom of the board are display-worthy (scroll down for more pictures). I also included a picture to help demonstrate how enormous these redwood wine tanks actually are.

Beyond a one-of-a-kind – totally unique piece of fine art, this wood surfboard makes for a great story.

Example of large redwood wine tanks used in the past at many California wineries.