A Decorative Wood Surfboard by Michael Rumsey

decorative wood surfboard titled lucky man built by mike rumsey using cocobolo and other exotic lumber void of paint or stain

This is another surfboard from my Wood Grain gone Wild Series (also see Gabe’s First). It’s a 7’ 2” x 18-¾” pin tail shaped hollow wood surfboard which will lay flat against a wall because it has no fins.

Display this piece showing either the deck of the board or the bottom of the board – both sides are highly decorative. And it looks great in either a vertical floor stand or mounted in a horizontal orientation.

I love working with cocobolo because there are so many different colors and grain patterns hiding inside of a single stick of lumber.

The grain is swirly and tight – all at once – a unique property of cocobolo. And once it is finished with fiberglass and polished to a high-gloss shine, the variegated colors really pop.

In addition to the cocobolo, I also used wenge, redwood, basswood, and paulownia.

If you have any questions about my surfboards or would like to discuss a commissioned work of art, please contact me here.